A Role or Real?

“If this is a role you’re playing I might think it’s incredibly stupid but if you actually are delusionally thinking you’re a god of evil then I have a problem with you.” Dr Phil

“It doesn’t take a hardcore expert to know this guy is seriously lacking in talent. A real friend will tell you when you’re embarrassing yourself.” Insane Clown Posse

Entirely true. There’s a point when grown people need to be told the truth. Guy reminds me of a raving serial predatory stalker I had for a decade who was also a former perpetrator towards me, just embarrassing all round and still has a grown individual has nothing at 60 something years old despite their claims of a multitude of “accomplishments” that there is really nothing to show for it. You would think people would tell them eventually they’ve wasted their whole existence on nonsense that is like a caricature and as offensive as possible just to be offensive and to intimidate people into granting a handout. They’re not even good or talented never have been, they’re a joke and highly predatory behind the scenes of the facade mystic they’ve created online for themselves. Basically they’re an entitled dead beat in life not unlike this guy except he claims not to be harmful in real life in the violent sense as where the problem I encountered was and still is a danger to the public Women/Children or any vulnerable person especially. I compare them to Pennywise from “It.” They’re a con artist entirely online that presents themselves as something and someone they’re not, that’s the slight difference between real predators and those who are just playing as one that do harm people in that sense. There’s a difference between dreams and delusions. You have to be real with yourself and surround yourself with people who are going to be real with you and tell you the truth.

“What about her dreams and happiness?” Insane Clown Posse

Apparently he didn’t take the advice 😄 Wow



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Voicing Freedom

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