2 Words

Don Lemon

Savage. 👏🏽

There’s an entire slew of things that can be said around what Don Lemon stated last night on CNN. At this rate Obama’s name shouldn’t even been in any political figure or the mouth of the politically driven like that because in the case no one noticed Obama hasn’t been in office in years. Aside from the obvious reference Lemon made that is true of any obvious jealousy and it’s clear they’re jealous when they still think of that person, talk negative about that person or lurk on that person in some form often going great lengths to do so. Every jealous hateful out there needs to question themselves “What is it about this person that gets under my skin so much?” Meanwhile that person hasn’t thought of or probably even addressed them in a long time if ever. If you still have someone that you’re not relevant to in your mind or in your speech that usually does not even care then that reflects on you not that individual.



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