“Many of the rape survivors were children.” Survivors Speak Out About Mass Rape | “Myanmar’s Killing Fields” | FRONTLINE

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I’d like to say what is it with countries targeting Muslim groups? But…

“My courage to speak out comes from my faith and my aspiration for freedom and liberty for my oppressed people who are left behind.” Mihrigul Tursun a Uyghur Genocide Survivor

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To go off the last post about the Holocaust and Anne Frank

There have been…

There is a noteworthy episode of Dr.Phil about cyber harassment and cyber bullying called Wicked Web Behavior. It was about how young kids commit suicide after being cyber bullied, how families after they lost family members were cyber harassed and bullied in one section of the episode. It’s funny how…

Upon encountering any obvious criminal that is extremely swaggering and narcissistic beyond the realms of needing to check themselves in somewhere beyond the realms of criminality that nothing seems to be occurring to them despite thousands or hundreds of valid evidence towards them there is someone most likely backing them…

“For asking questions I started being punished.” Leah Remini Scientology And The Aftermath

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Fascinating A&E 2018 docuseries on the aftermath of leaving the religious sect of Scientology. It goes over the whole “Fair game” rule that every sort of oppressive systems have. Meaning anyone who…

Sexual Harassment

I was telling someone about receiving sexually harassing and harassing material from my suspicions are coming from a couple of females. Aside from I’m not gay it’s a felony to harass and sexually harass people. It’s not a civil matter anymore. The individual was on some “Maybe you…

Ethnicity Fishing

What the young Women said

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If you use make-up, filters, injections, etc to appear more asiatic that’s Asian fishing or for any other ethnicity that’s fishing for the subjective race. There are females usually out here that have people CON-vinced they’re Black or…

Not to head into Conspiracy Theory territory but people like myself can attest to this is a real thing.

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I’ve also spoken with people in the same realms that experienced the exact same thing. There are beings in, around, or affiliated with the entertainment field they…

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Humanitarianism, The Arts, and Brutal Honesty

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