I was looking at a music site today and saw where a flash in the pan who is selling well now said she was “A dying breed”… it’s like honey as well known actual legendary Ballet figure I was instructed by for years used to say roughly about those who…

I was saying on my social media

Most Females in and around the entertainment field, etc when some prominent Brothers come at sideways or not:

Meanwhile Meu:

What could those Brother’s possibly want? I ain’t that industry th_t kind to be blunt. I don’t put out. ::Shrugs::

Like I said…

Ballet Hispanico

I had to applause Ballet Hispanico students for their performance at the Thanksgiving Day Parade! Great performance. 👏🏽💯

Fogo fuego!

Wampanoag People 👏🏽

Powerful presentation but the Wampanoag Elders. 👏🏽

This honor and inclusion of the original people is an empowering thing. 💯 It looked like the newscasters were having…


I was saying to a loved one upon seeing the latest role of ,Annie, being a young Black Girl and the Moulin Rouge cast how refreshing it is to…

“A friend to all is a friend to none.” | Aristotle

People like myself don’t run with sellouts. I figure if you can’t stand up for self, your own Brown/Black sisters, or anyone else of your own then you are no Sister or Brother of ours. If you can’t put…

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Humanitarianism, The Arts, and Brutal Honesty

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