After Escaping Captivity from House of Horrors: A Failed System BUT Everyone Can Do Something

Courtesy of- Jay C Foundation

Courtesy of- ABC News

Courtesy of- People

One of the terrific portions of the ABC News 20/20 feature on the Turpin Siblings that goes without saying are amazing warriors the fact the expose’ covered the afterward struggle of a perpetual failed broken system in which over $600,000 were raised for the purpose of supporting these young people — HOWEVER those funds were placed into a Trust that the Turpin youths can not access. It goes without saying the youths have remained in squalor and have had to resort to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, crime ridden areas, re-abuse in foster homes, assault, and a faulty foster care system full of predators and abusive foster parents that are only in it for the monthly check. This recurring failure in what is to be the Healthcare and Justice system is not only the horrendous mortification of the US system but the hiring of beings for titles that are in the work only for that, the titles of a vocation thus leads into re-victimization for survivors. This type of re-abuse occurs far too often within the system. It’s like great survivors came out of hell but then what? Left to scrounge and scrape for basic necessities such as food and shelter?! This must be changed and the lack of human regard in these services must be corrected if not entirely amended for a just solution for survivors. As it is now survivors of these type of Human Rights violations are being left to expire to be entirely blunt.

Courtesy of- Crime Online

There are funds reputably being raised by the Jay C Foundation however as posted by ABC News It is implored for everyone reading to give what they can or pay it forward if they can’t. These youths like all youths who have been abused in concentration camp like settings deserve to have opportunities in life and to have the best of what life has to offer. I must stress it is an absolute abomination that survivor after survivor of varying degrees of horrific violations of Human Rights are forced to still survive after the hell survivors have endured… and re-victimized repeatedly in some form or another most often. This is not right in any civil society, it is abominable. It is a total embarrassment especially in the Americas that in the 2020’s it is intolerable and no excuse to be made for it.



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