And It Continues:



File another of a multitude of Cyber Harassment Reports

Block, Report

You’d think a cyber harasser would get the point but they’re dumb obviously and don’t. Trolls and cyber harassers are basically those who have nothing in their lives or anything to do in their lives whatsoever. They just seek attention and use word salad to try to get it. It’s usually the same types who can’t differentiate between a post and an actual textbook journalistic article. It’s social media nothing more. Those with any purpose don’t have time to sit online arguing with some troll/harassing types. It’s the Chris Chan mentality. They want people to engage with them and from there won’t detach easily. Behavioral professionals have found a lot of them either have some form of autism that they’ve been allowed to just run around with provided no basic coping skills usually by their unwilling or equally issued parents, a cognitive impairment, a personality disorder like NPD, or multiple issues. In which they’ve just been left untreated and unchecked because let’s face it the lengths a harasser/cyber nuisance goes is entirely atypical behavior and who would want to waste their own time and everyone else’s harassing and hassling the crap out of people who obviously don’t want to be harassed and made it obvious they don’t? ::Shrugs::

Courtesy of- The Conversation



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Voicing Freedom


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