Anne Frank

Courtesy of- New York Post

According to cold case investigators the identity of the betrayer of Anne Frank has been made known. According to reports he was a Jewish councilman that did so in attempts to save his own family… this brand of betrayal occurred a great deal but seldom if ever ultimately saved anyone that did so. They often found themselves facing the same fate. That aside betrayal is completely amoral. You don’t betray those who put trust and good faith into their own people in this case. And certainly not betray your own people at that. Especially in life or death circumstances or close enough. It’s nefarious and damning. God rest her and family’s soul. It took over 75 years and a team of experts to uncover who betrayed the 14-year-old, her family, and live in roommates if you will. That betrayal must have made her blood run cold. I doubt I’m the only one that thinks of the reenactment of when they were discovered by Nazi forces, the young Girl must have been stricken frightened like all who fell into Nazi hands were undoubtedly so.

Courtesy of- Emily Nasson

In our line of work we work with or come across genocide survivors fairly often the stories are hair raising. Seems there is always that betrayal aspect in any Human Rights violation, someone that is a Judas for either self or just for kicks. Be it Genocide, Human trafficking, Gender Based Violence, Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking, etc there’s always that betrayal double crossing Judas aspect in there. God bless the family’s of those taken by senseless hate and violence.

Courtesy of- CNN



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