Asian American Pacific Islander Month- Khmer Rouge Survivors

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2 min readMay 1, 2022


Today Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month has begun. It is a commemoration of our cultures and history. Along with this month celebrating our heritage we must also recall the violence that has occurred towards the people and spoken of in the post about The Rape on Nanjing that has affected the people today not to mention acerbated the issue of Sex Trafficking in the area of Cambodia for one example. The reign of terror of Pol Pot that was dubbed “The Killing Fields” was also a forgotten genocide that was unspoken of in news and publishing too often. Such as with the Rape of Nanjing there were few survivors. Their numbers look like this of the Security Prison 21 data around 20,000 people passed through the Security Prison 21, one of the 196 prisons the Khmer Rouge operated, and only seven adults survived. That creates a picture of how ruthless Pol Pot’s structure was. As similar with the Holocaust it was a system of cold blooded communistic mass murder. Over the years I have spoken of the story of “First They Killed My Father” based upon the life of Khmer Rouge survivor Loung Ung.

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It is paramount these stories and survivors are commemorated. May everyone continue to say Never Again and respect the sanctity of innocent human life as well as continue to push for justice as there has been none.

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