Aspects Of Life

Here is the thing in life. You have to know the positioning of aspects of it:

Your professional life is your professional life

Your personal life is your personal life

Your social media is your social media life

Always keep those 3 things in mind.

Never intermingle them. They aren’t in the same categories or shouldn’t be. Social media can be an extension of any or all of those but only to a point. You can’t bring what goes on in any of those realms into the other. That’s why you don’t see me posting anything personal because it’s not anyone’s business. Also, on the Internet keep in mind it is like being on a cake walk. When you place yourself out there, you’re out there for anyone to view, comment on, or even judge. As a loved one once said to me years ago “You’ve been on the Internet but you haven’t really been on the Internet.” That was during the MySpace days when the Internet didn’t have the bravado and such that social media has in present day. Besides who cares about the interpersonal lives of others? I know I don’t never have. Day to day life is really not that interesting or people in and of themselves. What’s interesting is ideas, innovation, the arts, politics as we are well aware can be lol, Pop Culture, etc but the lives of people shouldn’t be up for debate or anything else based off of social media besides aside from extreme obviousness if you’re going by what people post on social media platforms to scope out who they are entirely as a person or what they do elsewhere in their time it’s not even a speck of a whole picture. There’s a meme that actually refers to social media as being like a trailer to a film. You only get smatterings at best. There’s also a well known saying that reads something like “Reading my social media won’t tell you anything. I could be saying I’m so upset! About someone ate my Mac and cheese.” 😄

Of course there’s been a few variations of that but the core point is true.

Just like you can’t go by a personal life or professional life to obtain the whole picture of someone’s personhood or anything else. Therefore to avoid all problems in life it is wise not to intermingle any of those 3 aspects more or less because they don’t mesh well.



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