There are beings that just thrive and dwell in creating problems instead of obtaining psychological/emotional help, remaining out of everyone’s business, lives, and finding something meaningful to do with their lives. They’ll just sit and live in their make believe self absorbed stories that aren’t valid or picked from someone else. These types dwell in a bubble world and don’t perceive things as they actually are only what they’ve concocted it is. The female behind Misha and the Wolves was an example, spoiler for those who haven’t seen the documentary or heard of the problem being her cousin finally came forward and said “Yeah, she was always delusional and made up stories long before WWII.” WHICH really is enraging by the by because REAL survivors with REAL merit and credibility have it that much harder when we have to present or anything else our true life stories. It’s because of that survivors be it of any Human Rights violation are discredited a great deal because of problem destructive beings like so who lie and are melodramatic about their aimless existences. And we aren’t going to talk about real people seeking assistance, do people know in the line of work people like myself are involved in how many times we have heard an obvious survivor disclosing even graphic detail of visibly being maltreated in some form thus they went to go for assistance that is if they were able to evade their violator in some form and yet no one believed the survivor? You know what I thought about not getting graphic but I will because the kind of childish inhumane attention seeking behavior that places like the internet supports has to cease when it comes to Human Rights violations - I’m talking about blood all over the front of a survivor because they were gang raped, blood and semen on a child’s leg post abuse, I’m talking naked running down the street, bruised, bloody, etc the whole 9. The survivors would see someone on the street, go to someone’s door, or even go into a police station keep in mind all or any of that - the response? Instead of the survivor being taken to the hospital, offered services, or a report taken they were turned away or told by people “Quit lying” basically if they knew them previously even with obvious evidence present in front of them thus were either taken back to their human rights abuser IE a trafficker, rapist, pedophile, or just turned away with nowhere else to go. Some of that disbelief has to do with beings who do create stories for attention that honestly the worst thing they’ve had happen to them in reality is stub their toe. That’s the problem when posers enacting crap like that it makes survivors look like a joke. It does do harm both in the judicial system and in society. Do beings know how many times survivors, youths even are disregard, justice denied, and their stories questioned because of that?

As far as survivors as a whole the audacity beings like that have to pick off our lives and stories to garner attention for themselves or misplaced sympathy leaving real survivors in the cold without much needed assistance while essentially crapping on true survivors takes insidiousness to a new level. Some of that is narcopaths can’t read the room goes along with that as well. They remind you of beings who bursts into a space with some BS making all kinds of outbursts that has no apropos of anything really other than be annoying. Again that’s why everyone isn’t owed your attention or interaction because some take it as an invitation as something it’s not or violate your life in some way. I’ve used the example of the perpetrator I’ve been outspoken of saying “Don’t look me in the eyes because I’m crazy.” There are beings like that which take any interaction as an invitation to violate people, their space, lives, etc.

Beings like that are dangerous because of the way they create outlandish scenarios that aren’t valid and use those scenarios in attempts to destroy or hurt innocent people in some way. When you’re posing as a survivor for instance all so you can get access to a person or persons who doesn’t want your attention or anything else you’ve long lost it. When you’re creating account after account to gain access to someone or people who obviously don’t want to be harassed or anything else blocking every single one you need to check yourself in. If no problem with other people ever existed before a psycho problem came into the mix then that’s on them, if there were no problems before that that’s the problem no one else. Everyone isn’t worth believing about anything, owed attention, or interaction because they do so at the expense of human rights issues that really need that time and assistance.


Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince