Voicing Freedom

May 2, 2020

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In a nutshell

Pretty accurate. As one young Woman commented “I think I have this because one minute I’m laughing the next I’m throwing books across the room.”

When you’ve been in the professional spectrum people like myself have you deal with those who have mental illness a great deal. They really do go from extreme anger, agitation, and depression to hyperactivity also known as mania. Then if you add alcohol and or narcotics into it the affects sends those with bipolar into all different ways. There’s almost always the high the hyperactivity then the plummet at some point. I’ll have to find the psychology article about those with bipolar and the story of the Woman who went driving down the highway, felt invincible, let go of the steering wheel and I believe crashed her vehicle if I recall the story correctly — following she found herself in a mental facility a few days later in the midst of a psychotic break. That was her experience in a manic episode. Others recalled how the plummet into depressive states left them despondent and unable to function. There’s always the cycle aspect of Bipolar. For instance every 2 weeks to even a month at a time of being in one state of mind then switching to the next. That’s a rough overall example but it differs albeit the core symptoms are always present.

Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

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