Broke Down Palace

“I may have heard stories about situations like this. From what I understand, he looks for suckers. He comes on all nice and open. When you’re with him…if there’s 100 people in the room, it doesn’t matter. All he sees is you. That’s how this person gets the girl to trust him. Yes. Then, he… He starts asking her things. ‘Wouldn’t it be great to live in Switzerland?’ ‘Get married in Paris?’ By the time he pops the real question…it’s like you don’t want to disappoint him. That’s what I’ve heard.” Brokedown Palace

Below is a very inspiring true story of a young Lady at the time who unfortunately fell into the narcotics trade out of desperation in which she was locked up in Thailand for a number of years. Meanwhile the individual who talked her into it and to some extent duped her walked free entirely. That’s usually how it goes when involved in criminal activity.

There really isn’t any loyalty at all even though they always say there is. No loyalty no nothing there, it’s more along the lines of an illicit game of hot potato. Who will get caught who won’t? That goes for Drug Traffickers, Pimps/Sex Trafficking, etc etc. Everyone is a liability and expendable. No one wants to be caught escorting or trafficking drugs in most countries outside of the US because those who are apprehended do not just go to jail. Carriers often face death penalties in the country in which the carriers are caught. Colorism and Gender can also play a role on severity of charges in many countries such as Southeast Asia, Latin America, etc anywhere that has a history of colorism and prone to patriarchal beliefs. No one wants to be locked up in prisons overseas as also featured in an episode of “Locked Up Abroad” entitled “Backstabbed In Thailand”

The 1999 film ,Brokedown Palace, albeit fictional is a pretty accurate depiction of narcotics smuggling. Pimps and Sex Traffickers have a similar way of enticing Girls and typically young Women into getting into illicit activity. Girls and Women are the fall guy or Girl rather if anything goes wrong. Point being be very careful who you trust, the lines you are fed, and always be wary of the knight in shining armor because yeah they’ll help you alright.. at a price. None of those kind of criminals or those tied to them are to be trusted ever. The National Geographic docuseries “Locked up Abroad” spoke to people who had those very experiences several of which were either set up or merely associated with someone they weren’t even aware was involved in narcotics trafficking. Word to the wise never ever leave your bags unattended when traveling abroad keep an eye on your things at all times because it’s too easy for someone to place something into it. ALWAYS pack your own bags, don’t fly off some place from someone you don’t know basically or know well, and never allow anyone to talk you into running anything or doing anything illicit for them with the promises of a Happily Ever After that will only ruin your life. Dope pushers like pimps if individuals they essentially prey upon entirely were not tricked into the illegal trades of narcotics or sexual services they make the illicit business sound appeasing and exciting of course — make a stack of money every run or trick, travel the world, promise love that isn’t actually love, it’s investment at the person’s expense. It’s business. That is a game you will lose every time. Rest assured when you see people with no viable means of income to cover that kind of lifestyle, have anything spectacular about them even — traveling all over the world in the lap of luxury they’re doing something… and it isn’t legal. Never be drawn in by the surface always be aware of what’s underneath that you don’t want to be caught up in.

“He’s done it a hundred times and you were just a hundred and one.” Brokedown Palace




Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty.

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty.

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