The Thorns Of Violence Against Southeast Asian Feminine

There is a great Youtube video highlighting the differences between Cambodian and Thai dance styles.

Beautiful. Innumerable people of Asiatic and or Pacific Islander Descent also have Khmer as well as the surrounding areas in our bloodlines. Melungeons can often carry the same component of a blend of Southeast Asian blood. It’s a rich heritage to have for certain. With the beauty of the cultures there also has been great suffering for not only the peoples but most certainly Girls and Women whom inevitably become the brunt of unrest. Who’s bodies are often utilized as weapons of war. This massive problem became ingrained during the onset of genocide, war, lack of educational resources, preconceived notions, and poverty — mesh that in with regional patriarchal mentalities. The violent oppression laden on Girls and Women of the region has been a perpetual Human Rights abomination. To lead into the atrocity spoken of known as Sex Trafficking, Sexual Violence, and Gender-Based Violence as a whole that perpetuates itself against young Girls as small as infancy to Women particularly young Women. This epidemic of habitual violence ranges from Thailand to India. It is based largely on caste, class, color-ism, tribal and or ethnic affiliation.

For some broad reaching statistics to grant an overall scope of the prevalence of Violence including sexual violence against Southeast Asian Girls and Women the link below is available.

The harrowing survivor stories of brothel and the like are ghastly… and among the most horrendous are those who did not survive as the violence geared towards Girls and Women in general not to mention against “the prostituted” aka victimized by the sex trade is among the most grim in the world. For example unlike American Sex Traffickers who generally avoid killing their profit due to that is their money.. it goes without saying they’ll torture victims to make victims wish for death but if they can maneuver their unscrupulous way around murdering their profit they will. They are more calculated in their business model most often, however in regions such as Southeast Asia traffickers and brothel owners really do not take that business fact into account whatsoever. One such incentive for this damaging ostentatious behavior towards those trapped in that space is the fact once a Girl is raped for example she is thought of as even more worthless than already believed to be in many areas of that geographical sphere. Another myth is to take a Girl’s virginity is not only a source of “pride” but can “cure AIDS” and or “Bring good luck” therefore attackers and buyers alike do not care how young a Girl is be she 3 or 13.

“”Men are like Gold. If you drop Gold in the mud it will always be Gold. Women are like Cloth, once dirtied it will remain stained forever.” Khmer Proverb (Also called “Women’s Law.”)

The Sex Trafficking trade in the region was largely perpetuated by “Peace Keepers” during the Vietnam war. There are innumerable accounts of when the boom of brothels and the young being sold into them for profit during the Vietnam war.

Over the years I have voiced the pioneering efforts of acclaimed journalists such as ,Sheryl Wudunn, along with her husband ,Nick Kristof, who really began investigating these silenced violations of Southeast Asian Girls and Women. Along with survivor activists such as ,Somaly Mam, whom founded ,Acting for Women in Distressing Situation, (or AFESIP for short) in 1996. This initial venture branched into ,The Somaly Mam Foundation.

Courtesy- Somaly Mam Foundation

This work had light shown on it in the documentary series , Half The Sky, as aforementioned.

Mam’s biography ,The Road Of Lost Innocence, speaks quite movingly to the reality of Sex Trafficking in context of the Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thai area.

The reason I like any field humanitarian can personally vouch for these true accounts is furthermore based upon being closely connected to those who have vocations in Southeast Asia both on the ground as well those who were victimized in that sector. It must be said anyone who sought to destroy the pioneering legacy of Mam’s work by way of picking apart minuscule aspects from the bitter place of a White Eurocentric Privilege context (if anyone could even refer to such ignorance as anything other than that) such as her recollection of age and identity — it goes without saying in war torn places of the globe and certainly more rural areas many don’t have the luxury of knowing their exact age, name, and often only aware of their ancestry based on word of mouth through family lines if that.

Adjacently the works of ,Ruchir Gupta, and her organization in India by the name of Apne Aap Women Worldwide.

Furthermore an activist by the name of ,Urmi Basu, whom operates a pioneering organization called ,New Light, that primarily offers education and safe havens for the children of India’s “prostituted” Women but rather the more accurate terminology most often sex trafficked individual which would then be passed on to their young daughters.

Courtesy of- New Light

There have been various documentaries, media coverage, films, and countless expose’ on the extremity of Gender Based violence against Girls and Women in these areas.

“I know no one cares about me and that’s okay.”

Courtesy of- Jordan Clark

Courtesy of- Love146

Trigger Warning for all documentaries also for a 2009 film called ,Holly, posted on before albeit the term “Child Prostitute” is not an appropriate term because children could never consent to such brutality and exploitation. It’s highly debatable if adults fully do consent be it based on financial necessity to survive. That is an entire post by itself however. The film albeit problematic in some respects is quite forthcoming on the scope of the actuality of it.



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