Celebrity ISN’T Gospel

Good on her, all she did was tell the truth that pseudo “music” that is popular really isn’t music at all anymore it’s product/packaging that’s it. She’s not being a hater she’s being a realist. Society really needs to start differentiating between the 2. Besides it’s freedom of speech she can say it without being canceled. She has every right to say it. Society really needs to stop taking what celebrities say and do so seriously for 1 it’s not going last forever. In 5,10,20 years none of those in current pop culture are going to be famous any longer, that is just how it works it is a revolving door. That is how that system works. As said yesterday a lot of the industry is based on youth and marketing to youths. You can only “Shake that” and “look at my cheeks” for so long before you begin to age, your audience ages, matures, and eventually just grows up. Plus you will feel like an idiot acting like a 18 year old the rest of your life sooner or later. For 2 what celebrities say and do isn’t gospel society needs to get over that. They’re human beings nothing more okay. If people became more outraged by severe human rights abuses such as trafficking, sexual violence, gender based violence, injustice against minorities and marginalized groups, finding a cure for diseases that STILL have no cure as they become outraged about celebrities we would have a lot better world. In the grand scheme of life celebrity world really doesn’t matter. All this celebrity talk and infatuation etc it’s very fleeting. It has nothing to do with one’s own real life. It’s entertainment… if one can call it that by and large nothing more. It has no baring on real life. It’s to entertain and marketing of that entertainment that is it. Lastly society and perhaps even the celebrity world needs to cease cancelling people every time someone either states the obvious nobody else will say out loud or they disagree with an outlook. It’s childish, immature, and stupid really to cancel and become all outraged. Find something more important to be outraged about put energy into that instead of current celebrity culture that won’t be around in 5 minutes.

Activism, Humanitarianism, The Arts, and Brutal Honesty