Childishness of Harassers

The component serial harassers have is aside from they’re often sociopathic etc they’re very delayed in their behaviors, mindset, etc. Their mentality is stunted at a certain age they’re mentally about the age of a pre-pubescent or younger because an adolescent is aware not to harass people in some form or another. The component harassers have they dwell in la la land, they don’t grasp reality as it is. It’s been written of it is called “Fantastical Thinking” in psychology. Narcopaths and other disorders have these warped lack of coherency. It is like how pre-adolescent kids make up fantasy stories that couldn’t possibly be factual. That is the the same principle except they’re deviant and haven’t surpassed adolescence let alone full fledged adulthood. It is never any revelation harassers almost always are interested in and heavily influenced by fantasy because harassers don’t gauge those for being entertainment that they are, it instead is the place they essentially run away from the real world in. There is a difference between relating a story to real life occurrences and actually molding fantasy stories (or actual lives of people) to real life pertaining to them. In fact many fantasy works the whole point is NOT to dwell in fantasy delusional world.

Harassers have very limited experiences in actuality be it in the adult world or otherwise when all is said and done. They’ve not really mentally surpassed a jack a$$ in the sandbox at school despite age. Harassed persons and professionals have the sense that a male or female child with deviant tendencies are being dealt with. They’re well aged adults but their delivery, how they approach the world and people etc is very ill raised childishly and ignorant. Beings like so their eyes glazing over with elation upon their receiving attention from anyone despite if it’s not the reception they make it out to be or obviously the subjected party is recoiling. Those types don’t gauge people or the room. Those types are ignoramus likewise is their behavior to be blunt. Those types are always mentally impeded. Those types often appear like they have some cognitive and or psychological problems. In short those sorts are detached from reality or consequences for actions in the real world.



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