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2 min readMay 1, 2022

Upon the eve of the beginning of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month dawns it is fundamental for this month to recall the genocide that was the Rape of Nanjing. It is frequently over sighted. 300,000 Chinese citizens were horrendously murdered, an estimated 80,000 Girls and Women were subjected to rape ergo the historical term “The Rape of Nanjing.” Anyone ranging from under the age of 4 to well over 80 years old were picked out and regularly massacred thereafter. It was a genocide that has not been recognized as the ethnic cleansing that it was.

“I was small and could not fight them off (Japanese soldiers.) In that place I was ravaged, that was the situation that it was.”Lei Gui Ying A Rape of Nanjing Survivor that was tricked into the Comfort Women Center.

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It is pertinent everyone recalls these survivors being they were few and far between, those who lost their lives, and the affect that it has had.

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It was spoken of a bit in the post in which a Chinese lens was presented in a Youtube social experiment involving Girls. It is partially because of acts of genocide such as ,Nanjing, that Asiatic and Indigenous cultures are molded around the background of it to shield our Girls and Women from violation, it is partially based on the atrocities that was done our peoples.

It is a distinct blatant reminder that where there are beings that are power hungry, deviant, carries a seething animosity against a group of people, able to manipulate people for their diabolical subterfuge, and hate-filled that is a basis for human rights disasters potentially. That is where the Rape of Nanjing, the Holocausts, and Genocides stem from. Never underestimate nor de-emphasize anyone who has these traits. These are the traits mass murderers that order acts such as ethnic cleansing, zealous sect behavior IE the Mansons or Jim Jones, serial rapists, murders, and so on. All of them have those traits.

“This was not something that affected people 60 (80) years ago but it affects people today.” Iris Chang



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