Cobra Kai

“They’re not a natural born fighter, not like you.” John Kreese

Upon streaming season 3 of Cobra Kai which I will say was quite impressive and was not lack luster, of course some great moral relevance to real life not so unlike the past 2 seasons. I really liked how they expanded on Tory’s character more such as why she is the way she is, that her life is quite difficult (albeit no excuse for some of her behavior granted) but certainly gives a broader explanation as to what makes her the way she is. In reality it is a survival mentality when you’ve had negativity happen to you, towards, and around you a great deal. The series does indeed go over she does have a story not so unlike Daniel Lurosso after all. It touches on the have and the have nots a bit more, etc. The privileged and those who are not, how people, young people especially who have to legitimately work just to live. It really reflects that.

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I think a great deal of Millennials and certainly Generation Z feel that especially during this time of COVID. I think survivors can identify with the positive attributes of both Tory and to equal extent Samantha’s characters. I know I certainly do. Even Kreese has a backstory too apparently. Where their characters go array however much like real life people sometimes instead of utilizing their harsh lives and realities for strength gearing it towards the positive they use it mostly for negative - albeit again Kreese does have a redeeming moment. I won’t post too much for those who have not yet viewed it but I will say this.

“I’ve been fighting all my life, I’m sure not afraid of you.” John Kreese

Or as quote from the movie 2011 film Suckerpunch,

“For those who fight for it life has a flavor the sheltered will never know.”

There is truth to both of those sentiments in real life.



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