Curving Groupies

On the flip side of groupies and all those types albeit I am not a supporter or listener of their music but he had the right idea here. More problems waiting than it merits. Everything and one isn’t owed your attention or credence because some even saying anything in passing or fleeting is perceived as an invitation to violate personal bounds and sovereignty in any form believing they’re something to people they’re not.

Courtesy of- Pap Galore

All of a sudden in the case of groupies, Industry females, etc they’ll be fronting like a Girlfriend they’re not and doing all kinds of off the wall antics to prove it. Even some female they chatted with to any extent on social media they’ll do that too in the typical “mine mine mine” when they’re not. They don’t know them.

It’s bad enough with females in that realm anyway let alone groupies and the like. Groupies or not they are nearly all exactly alike. Groupies and the like need to keep in mind all those types really care about is Smoney as one such notoriously said and honestly acting ignorant that’s it. They’re not typically quality beings that are to be dealt with interpersonally in any respect. That world is not for quality, decent, or sensitive people they’ll eat those who are alive. I’ve dealt with it enough to know on the outter rim which I preferred to remain you can’t get mixed up with them like that. Nothing but problems. It’s oil and water otherwise at some point there are limits of where people stand in it. The closer things became attempting to pull me into all of that the more problems arose from it. When I even loved ones began getting calls/text messages, harassing messages, emails etc pertaining to it from I had my suspicions of it that’s where the line was drawn as that had occurred before. To them that’s their normal. Their normal is dysfunction.

There are layers as far as females go especially. Fans and Groupies are at the very furtherest outside, Industry females these are the Instagram models, Escorts, Strippers, Hostesses, “Partners,” etc. Then the main females just a bit more included in their lives but not exclusive, then the main female if applicable, sometimes then wifey if applicable, and of course blood birth family. Everyone has their places basically.

In closing nobody’s goal ought to be mongering or on the flip anyone’s play thing. Those are not goals to have those are distractions and addictions. 🤷🏽‍♀️ What do either party get out of it? Nothing past all of the theatrics and foolery. It’s a real disrespect to allow beings to play with you like that.



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Voicing Freedom

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