Real People-Social Experiment

It is no consternation to me that every single person that spoke with the Girl was a young person themselves in the first video. That is what real decent people do. Exemplary of the young Man that assisted her, that’s what a Man does. God bless him and the right-minded people for assisting this child. Decent people make the world a better place to live in.

Courtesy of- Riceman

Moral of the story is there is of course a great deal of evil and inhumane in the world but also decent people in it too that make the world a humane equitable place to live in.

Courtesy of- Treeman

In many Asiatic countries and cultures the people are raised quite unlike predominate western society of “Me me me I I I. What’s in it for me?” We’re often not raised that way. Asian, Hawaiian, Indigenous of any sort, etc are brought up well in that regard for the most part. We’re raised to keep an eye out for each other. Some of that is based on historical reasons IE war, genocide, hate crimes, animosity, sexual violence, etc. The other part of that is cultural and etiquette. For those of us that grew up immersed and in the societies to one extent or the other, we are quite like that gentleman that said of the jack a$$ “You are making an a$$ out of yourself.” It’s frowned on heavily to disrespect one of our Girls or Women especially. Girls and Women of the background are regarded in many respects that dominate western cultures are not.



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