Email Tampering = Done

It’a called Federal Offense. I know one thing that court and law documented perpetrator is gonna need to be selling those “Grammys” they most likely got from a pawn shop or had made because they resent real ones who actually earned their way in order to bail their psycho a$$ out of jail. Such a provable loser didn’t win any Grammys most likely they’re so full of crap in general — they have nothing to show for it in reality if they were really this colossal wannabe success they’re actual not. They’re a con artist like all perpetrator’s are bottom line that’s evident. They wouldn’t have spent years hassling me if they were post court ordered protective order. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Bringing us to the point beings legally speaking:

  1. You can’t tamper with others personal emails, Private Messages, DM’s etc etc
  2. You can not continue to monitor others electronically or otherwise when that person has blocked you umpteen times via various accounts or other means of contact
  3. You can not follow people around for the purpose of harassment and menace or profess you are going to
  4. You can not harassment campaign people (dox) or smear campaign
  5. You absolutely can not send illicit material to people ESPECIALLY involving minors
  6. You can not sexually harass people
  7. You can not fill up others inboxes with spam varying from porn to just arbitrary BS
  8. It is illegal to hack a phone (provable and lawfully reported)
  9. You can not threaten people in any form be it legally based or otherwise especially openly (not speaking in self defense and in context of the victimized party) for the purpose of harassment, menace, or otherwise
  10. What is harassment? Harassment is repetitive contact by either oneself or by proxy in order to essentially to hassle, waste of anything the harassed having no redeeming value to it, and commit surveillance in some form for the same purpose
  11. You can’t obtain private knowledge of others personal lives by way of creepy slithering that person did not share with you via mutual conversation
  12. You can not commit revenge porn towards others
  13. You can not knowingly lie on legal documents and paperwork… it is a felony
  14. You can not send Trojan or any other viruses to people be it text, email, or any other tech based
  15. You can not send BS emails to people impersonating someone let alone officers of the court (attorneys, pd, judges, or anything else)

The obvious list can go on. Most of these offenses are federal and certainly civil. It’s common knowledge.

And for anyone whoever doubted this is not even a 16th of my REAL story over the years not some hype seeking make believe land of wanting attention where it isn’t valid. This is a bit of a federal and local case filings. There it is so those responsible parties can go play with Bubba and Bubbet in prison if they wish because they’re done they’ve been done. Get lost, piss off. Go laugh in law or a judge’s face see how far that gets you. 🤷🏽‍♀️



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