“Even Some Of The Trees Are On Her Side.”

Conversational piece from the Chronicles of Narnia in pertaining to the White Witch character.

“She may already know you’re here.”

“The woods are full of her spies.”

“Even some of the trees are on her side.”

I couldn’t find the clip of it and also too I was thinking it was the beaver characters that said it but it wasn’t it was Tumnus.

The allegory here is when it comes to wickedness keep in mind the wicked tend to stick together or flip flop at best. There’s a saying that goes something like “If they break bread with your enemy they are not your friend.” If they support an enemy they are not your friend get rid of them as soon as possible, get as far away from them as soon as possible.

Do not ever trust the unscrupulous. They are never to be trusted they are really no ones friend and many of them will even say so, they are both “dark” and “light” or as one well known pimp said during a broadcast when asked about his spiritual life “There’s a balance of God and the Devil in me.” Meaning the unsavory can go either way. There was a brilliant Christian successful business Woman that once reposted a meme saying this.

Never misconstrue the 2. Some don’t watch you because they like you, what you say, or stand for quite the contrary. They just maybe leering and monitoring for a whole other insidious reason. Survivors of exploitation especially are very aware when we are being hunted because we have been the hunted by at least one predator or some several in our lifetimes rather than supported. If the same narrative continually keeps coming up in your life from a similar types from a group with the same conclusive MO then no they are not watching you because they like you it’s because they want to harm you in some way like any predator that stalks it’s prey. In Indigenous folklore we have different animals that are much like hypothetical Rats and weasels, depended upon the tribe. For some it’s Coyote, Rabbit, Raven, and or even a Spider. These characters symbolize to never underestimate real life rats and weasels. Always use discernment. They are moral stories for life essentially.

We definitely know the difference between genuine kindness and masked insidiousness, the 2 can never be misinterpreted as the same. In the world of sex trafficking there is the “Romeo” pimps aka “Finesse” traffickers. These are the predators that come off real nice… too nice in fact.. glibly nice with a saccharine fakey grin initially. They’re probably the most prevalent of sex traffickers for example. Moral of the story is be aware of who you interact with in any form in life, their intents and end goal. There’s a great deal of spiritually dark beings out there that get off on harming people particularly innocent people. They don’t value ::snaps finger:: that much of human life or human anything especially outside their own. People are expendable to them anything or one they can get their hands on to fulfill an agenda and or will allow them to utilize them to do so. The devil doesn’t show up as some dark sinister looking being with a pitch fork and tail. As the Bible speaks of, they come to you as an “Angel of light” it is always wise to use discernment. Who to trust and who not to. Who are your friends and who are metaphorical spies with an agenda. It’s imperative in this life to know when someone is assisting and the opposite when you are being chased like a beast runs down it’s prey. To close this post there actually was a young Black Man that went viral and made headlines whom of which instructed protestors about taking on the militarized PD saying quote “Don’t give them a reason.”

That’s true of any enemy don’t inflame them, do not give them a reason to use anything against you, or harm you in some way. Do not engage them no matter how disrespectful, unjust, or menacing their behavior is. Particularly if dealing with insidiousness because evil and injustice slinks about like a snake looking for anything and everything to use even if it’s misconstrued. It’s often referred to as tact. Sometimes you have to carry self preservation along with warriorism in you.



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