Evil In The Eyes of Who?

I was speaking to an old friend years ago and I’ve spoken with others about this as well. Isn’t it staggering what the most Machiavellian sneaking immoral reviling beings project as “evil” onto completely healthy, normal, logical people, sound, those they prey on? It’s as that verse in the Bible “Woe to those who call good evil and evil good.” The dichotomy goes like this it’s always the same with those kind. They would call an abiding Pastor, Monk, Nun, Rabbi, or anything else evil meanwhile they’re Satan incarnate. They’re the types to locate a space in someone’s life, exploit it, and drag them to hell on earth only to mock and laugh at prey as prey has normal reactions to extreme abnormality committed onto prey as if the predator is some supreme being they’re not. It goes like this.

Decent Person: Honest if not brutally so, rational, moral, Faith-Based, doesn’t partake in debauchery, doesn’t even smoke, dope nothing never has, doesn’t defile themselves. Clean, has goals, and a life. Mature, level. A person of their word. Strong, secure in self. Can be youths because evil beings figure if they can destroy youths they can destroy the future of not only the youths but the world.

Nefarious: Lies, cheats, steals, addicted to porn, drugs, alcohol, gluttony, vile, rapists, exploiters/traffickers, pedophiles, slinking criminals, mentally, emotional, and everything else warped obviously to even glance at. No sense of penitence. Immature, the antithesis of level or balanced anything. Weak, insecure, chameleon. Old and looks it, used up.

To sound people it’s apparent when it comes to the nefariously immoral it’s not because their perception is flipped. Basically they defecate on anything good, holy, and or pure. This is why they prey on people the way the nefarious do. They really do want to witness the world burn. There’s nothing good in them. Everything those types project and spew is about themselves not the people decent they spew it on.



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