You figure any harasser will probably be dead soon, in prison, or a ward for the criminally insane thank God. Those beings really need to check themselves in somewhere. No one will miss them. Which brings to mind to always live your life in such a way when you disappear everyone doesn’t rejoice. It’s like any legitimate expert in the field will tell you a lot of these beings really aren’t that mentally ill they’re just entitled, coddled, and think they’re owed others time. The reason a harasser harasses others as much as do it is basically they think they will push the person over the edge. They would love nothing more than to see the person they harass destruct and or do nothing in life because they themselves have nothing in life… because well they’re too preoccupied harassing, stalking, and clocking people who wouldn’t give them the time of day. That takes a great deal of time to do. It’s like the perpetrator I’ve been vocal about used to mumble for years “Stress will kill ya” generally after he’d been provably harassing myself and people all day long. The meaning of that was he wanted to stress us out so badly we’d crack up or face down. That is really what any incessant hateful harasser and or actual stalker seeks to do. The problem with that is it always ricochets. None of those who went there towards me ever ended up sane or anything else in life. None of them have anything in their lives and won’t. Matter of fact at least a couple of them will probably be dealing with upper law if not already. Meanwhile people like myself have just kept it moving and kept moving forward in spite of it.

Courtesy of- The Conversation

Moral of the story block, ignore, and say next. What goes around comes around in life. There are psychos out there with nothing better to do in life. The antics and dramatics they create are their entertainment and excitement instead of obtaining a life or anything worth doing in life.



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