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Whatever people think of him he was absolutely on point about not only that award show but most of those not to mention any kind of broadcast talent show etc. They’re essentially based on nepotism. I believe it was the below episode of, Adam Ruins Everything, that exposes not only award shows but that world in general. It’s a popularity contest and though he’s taken a great deal of flack over the years much of what he has said is true as to how much of an illusion that world is. Nothing is as it appears to be when it comes to that realm even Oprah Winfrey herself stated that once. The image that is seen on tv, on social media, streaming is not what actually exists. I remember many years ago during the bling era of the infancy of “MTV Cribs” several well known figures spoke about how they would receive calls frequently from managers etc of major stars asking if their client could borrow their affluent cars and or even homes to showcase on shows such as MTV cribs as their own in order to uphold the image of superstardom. That whole world is an illusion to some capacity or another. Many are not the people society often thinks they are nor have what they think they do, many are so in debt up to their neck it’s not even funny that’s just a fact of life especially if you’re talking about the music business where it takes money to make money. We’re talking anywhere from $50- to $500 an hour minimum for studio time and that is not top of the line recording studios, promotion, music videos, if signed to a record company advances, etc.

Modeling and Fashion same thing to some capacity. Dance you have to put a whole lot of money into training, gear, shoes etc and work into obtaining the results if that dancers seek and few reach the elevated end level of success before expenses can no longer be carried. Even if accomplished it is often short lived particularly depending on the type of dancing. If we’re speaking on the genre of hip hop dancing and back up dancing it’s definitely a young person’s arena and doesn’t usually last much after mid 30’s at the oldest. If it’s Ballet it depends, the average age of retirement 20 years ago for a professional ballet dancer was around 29 years of age. A dancer might have a good 10 — 15 years given a professional career begins in teens or early 20’s at the latest. Now it can vary anywhere from 30’s to 40’s depending. Olympians, athletes, etc same concept as the average retirement age is around 35 but if you figure they’ve been putting in great measure since teenagers professionally speaking that can grant about 20 years roughly. It all depends on how many injuries have been encountered, how well the body holds up. The average professional gymnast retires around 25 at the oldest typically they begin their professional career that ranges anywhere from 12 years of age to early to mid 20’s. There’s a saying “If there’s a 2 in front of your age you are near retirement” because the physical form from teenaged to 20’s shifts a great deal, injuries occur, joint damage, muscle damage, etc. It’s just inevitable. Ever notice how few olympians return after a couple or so of Olympic Games or their performance often isn’t the same as the prior Olympic Games as they age or there are newer challenges with it? There’s a reason for that. They get tired, their body gets tired, and begins to wear after a life of repetitive physical strain anywhere from 8,9,10 or even 12 hours day. Anything like that is an entire life and world everyday. Artists, true artists will write, record, etc for days on end often times. Not sit on social media running their yap everyday nonstop hyping themselves. It can’t be treated as a hobby otherwise you don’t eat, bills don’t get paid, employees aren’t paid, etc if that’s an only source of income. Point is nothing is free in this life there’s always a price to pay somewhere.

In so called mainstream music now the very problem the 1990 pop duo, Milli Vanilli, were slammed for is the very thing many pop stars do now… the act of ghosting. Half those you hear or see aren’t even singing the songs they were given. It’s someone else usually a studio singer paid to do so. It’s all product and packaging. It’s not real at all. Hip hip not so much because let’s face it it’s difficult to lip sync rap but many people would be shocked at the pop acts who are not actually singing the songs they didn’t even write because there are few if any real singer/songwriters anymore in the mainstream. Ever heard your idolized “artist” sing live then all of a sudden it didn’t sound like their voice at all or doesn’t sound like them period? Well that’s because it’s not. You were duped by the lie of the business. They almost all do it now.

As far as popularity or perceived popularity.

J. Cole actually has a lyric in one of his songs addressing the fact people buy their own streams, popularity, etc etc. It’s easy now to buy hype, buy follows, comments, buy or con votes anything to look like more than what actually exists. Especially if the reality of the work is treated like a hobby. People do so frequently. It’s a dirty business and there is little honest about it. That’s how a scum bag like my reputable called our perpetrator supposedly garners any of the supposed ears and accolades which those with any critical thinking skills seriously doubts for various reasons does. By cheating, lying, brown nosing, or straight up blackmailing people in exchange to essentially get in the face of all of those they hate for their successes and deem as the ones holding them back in life when truth is they’ve done it to themselves no one did anything to them. All of their lack in life they have done via their rancid actions towards others and their wannabe insanity.

As one well known Pastor once said nearly 20 years ago about the dichotomy of fame and reality ”If you believe everything you see on the tv screen you fell for the illusion, the lie of the image.”



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