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3 min readNov 15, 2021

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I’ve written on the late God rest her soul ,Gia Carangi, the supermodel of the late 70’s early 80’s — only aged 26 when she passed away of AIDS. She was the first known Woman fatality of the disease in America. I had written a few posts about her years ago speaking on the fashion industry traditionally would and to some degree do still scout these young kids sometimes preteen 12 year old’s through 20’s overworking them with rigorously, crazy schedules as in jumping off a plane after flying 16 hours to a show or shoot for umpteen hours, diets etc. To the extent of fatalities have occurred of kids as young as 14 that have passed on because of the work, the lifestyle, the dieting, everything. A few years ago a 14 year old quite actually collapsed after a 12 hour day fashion week show in China. Those hours are standard by the by same with dance can be as well.

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I have seen articles in the past speaking of model scouts will steak out well known clinics for eating disorders for new models to sign… that’s a parasite problem and speaks on the lack of anything for human life. That is just sheer evil. The stories are enraging. When teens and early 20 something year old kids are quite actually dying because of such a toxic sin sick opportunistic system there has been something very wrong. Gia wasn’t the first nor the last that became victim to the dark side of the fashion realm. More do than don’t.

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Cases like these brought a microscope on the not only toxicity of the realm that it has a reputation for being but down right dangerous practices that are supported. The system traditionally supports destructive lifestyles to take dope to often “lose weight”, promiscuous behavior to “Clear up skin problems, to look younger, to look older” (for the young ones), traditionally 25 is thought of as “mature” or even “old” then people dare ask why many of these kids don’t hardly live to be 25 or are so damaged they leave destroyed as people. The music scene I would say is much worse. The way too many live it’s the grace of God they live to be 28 years old. These issues have been paramount to the extent that when you sign with management and or agencies numerous have introductory pages addressing these issues along with available clinical help for those issues.

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There was a documentary about 10 years ago that streamed on Netflix called “Picture Me: A Model’s Diary” speaking on this.

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I remember I had several people when I was an early teen upon a parent having expressed I had already gone to a casting for Seventeen Magazine recently at that time and wanted to model, pursue dance, entertain, etc — it’s funny both said almost verbatim “She is so beautiful and talented please don’t let that world chew her up and spit her out because it will.” And all of those who have read my posts over the years are aware how dark and gutter that world can be. It is not a savory world at all. I’ve dealt with good people professionally and will only deal with good people in it because I’ve dealt with the other unprofessionally unfortunately … and won’t subject myself to that.

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“When you’re young it is hard to make the difference between what is real and what is not real especially when you’re innocent…and have a lot of vultures around you.” Gia 20/20 Interview



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