Going Clear

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I recall when this documentary came out about 5 years ago titled: Going Clear Scientology And The Prison Belief. The cult is on it’s final legs as should be, the cult has been convicted of Human Trafficking, physical abuse, sexual abuse, vindictiveness they refer to as “fair game” of anyone who criticized any of the eye brow raising operations the organization undertook, and honestly based off the ravings of a mad individual by the name of L. Ron Hubbard who of which questioned his own sanity at one point (rightfully so.) As a former member once said, ”If you really believed this stuff people would go crazy. It would drive you crazy. It did drive people crazy.” Like any organized crime, cult, or one and the same it’s mind control and mind manipulation. I remember making the point it is no different than what a pimp, trafficker, any cult leader, so on so forth does. Always have your own mind never metaphorically give it over to someone else to manipulate and control. The psychological terminology is “Brainwashing.”


Human Traffickers, for example, will actually read books on this phenomenon in order to make use of on prey. Any documentary on the Charles Manson Family cult for example goes in depth some of the tactics cult leaders use. It’s not surprising the Hollywood scene often falls into these type of traps. Most of these people are already screwed up, many of them are liars or fabricators, come to think of it Rose McGowan that once said, “Hollywood is like a cult.” It really is therefore the jump into criminal activity and or occultism of some degree isn’t that far of a leap. Essentially they’re the “Drink the Kool Aid” type of people. To avoid ever finding yourself wrapped up with people like that it is best practice to not believe anything anyone from that world has to say, what is written about them or anything else because well too many of them are nuts to put it forthrightly. Anytime people in a clique have little to no individuality, all talk alike, follow a lead or patterns almost ritualistically, the seeming lead does something the followers do it essentially having power over people that isn’t healthy nor normal, AND they seem to enjoy inflicting any type of pain of any kind onto innocent people something not right is going on there. It is always best to get out of those scenarios and avoid those brand of people. It is the bait and switch how these type of groups recruit people they’re not going to inform a possible new recruit upfront the reality of their deeper agenda they’ll sugar coat it in some way until someone is invested in it. Never allow anyone to control your life. Don’t allow anyone to mind screw you to be blunt about it. History Channel did a great documentary about cult leaders titled, “The Most Dangerous Cult Leaders In The World” really puts the image of any type of destructive or potentially destructive group dynamic well.



Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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