Why Individuality Is Important

He had wonderful points about many things. A Man after my own heart. I don’t like those who can’t think for themselves, collective mentalities if you will, easily swayed, easily manipulated, cliques, what one says goes, those with little to no critical thinking capabilities of their own whatever you want to call it because that’s when they all speak alike, think alike, don’t have any individuality to them not truly, do what the other does or says. That is when oneself can find themselves in murky territory of manipulation, deceived and swayed so easily by what one individual says or does. We live in a society that has fallen victim to this dynamic without examining whether someone is in the right or wrong. They just go blindly by what is dictated, said or portrayed to them without looking further. That’s how atrocities occur from perverse ringleaders of terrible crimes such as the Charles Manson “family”, Jim Jones, Hitler, Scientology, even Human Traffickers particularity Sex Traffickers and so on to name a few. Anytime one begins manipulating others by spouting a rhetoric where they’re the center of it as if they are deity or the be all say all when it certainly goes against the concepts of critical thinking of how the natural world works that is when groups like Carlin spoke of become a problem to people in the outside world. When it is harmful in some way that’s when groups become a detriment. I’m always wary of when groups talk about being a “Family”, “Nation”, “Community” in a sense when it’s not really a textbook community, or “Army” because that’s not always a great place to be due to there’s almost always a ringleader that is typically heinous and calls the shots over others or in many unfortunate cases towards others. In a non life threatening note the world has seen cyber attacks from the “Beyhive” of Beyoncé fan-antics against innocent people especially Women who don’t know her let alone had any qualms with her personally. The Kardashians same thing some of their fan-tics have entirely cyberbullied people offline and or out of business if they had one because they read into things that most likely didn’t even exist. As far as those from the Beyhive that have harmed others cyber wise is concerned several were eventually apprehended for their cyber crimes from what I read awhile ago. That’s why I don’t believe in any type of fan-aticsm never have. You can admire the works of people without being a fan-antic. When you become a fan-antic that is when things can go into a grey area and the lines can become blurred of what is healthy and actual and what isn’t. Again back to why critical thinking capabilities are so important.

Carlin was a humorous guy but like most great comedians he also made great points during his career.

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