Hotel Rwanda Hero Paul Rusesabagina Needs Everyone’s Help!

Courtesy of- Express News

Courtesy of- Washington Post

Like many I did not realize he remained held and convicted of trumped up pseudo “terrorist” charges. He is no terrorist maybe the accuser President Kagame is the terrorist as he broke international and country law to apprehend Rusesabagina in the first place AND is known to be one of the most corrupt president’s in the history of the content. Maybe he is to be tried then convicted for some crimes if he’s so hard up for morality and criminality. It is urged anyone within leadership, power, means, and or influence sway this farcical conviction in order to have the conviction not only overturned but to free Mr. Rusesasbagina and better yet maybe call President Kagame into question.

“His life reminds us of our moral duty to confront evil in all its forms.” Former President George W. Bush Speech on Paul Rusesasbagina

Just as he stated during his courageous acts to rescue lives otherwise destined for destruction We the public can not leave him to die. We all must do something to take action to free him.



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