How To Handle Harassment

Report, Block, Next

Those who sit online and pick a part everything people do, say, and everything else despite anything of being blocked innumerable times and voiced annoyance at are obviously not beings you want to deal with, communicate, or anything else. Any account they create or anything else block and report them. Any fool who comes from them block them. They would make great facists if not already have that mentality because they think they govern over others and are the center point of everything. They basically have nothing to do in life but sit on social media and tech micromanaging everyones things, in some cases digging through others lives, following people from social media to social media or tech to tech in general like some parasitic gnat that doesn’t go away to be blunt. They’re paranoid and think they see subliminal messages/subliminal’s in everything that isn’t valid. They could see a stop sign that’s existed for a hundred years and think it means something personal it doesn’t. Those types have severe psychological and emotional problems often times. Worst case scenario it’s like Edward Nigma of “You were supposed to understand. I’ll make you understand.” Least case and unfortunately “A Beautiful Mind” territory where they think they’re breaking code of some conspiracy and think of themselves as some kind of a spy for hire or a detective they’re not. That’s when either or goes over into textbook psychological break from reality. They’ve lost it at that point and many of them never had it to begin with to be blunt. There are some interesting clips of Dr. Phil dealing with delusional beings, were shown the proof against their claims, and some still didn’t believe what they were shown. They were in denial about life in general. It’s like real celebrities will have fan-atics behave like and believe themselves either a significant other or of some close relationship they’re not to them. When lo and behold the celeb is questioned about it they don’t know that person or persons. That’s why I said the other day those I block because it brings too many problems from psycho beings that misread things, have delusional thought processes, and take it upon themselves to follow all over social media and in some cases tech if it gets bad enough those types in their delusional jealous rage send a Trojan into your phone via social media messaging, or even follow others from place to place. According to professionals in the field that does happen a great deal, there’s a lot of types like that out there who are willing to commit crimes in order to harass and keep tabs on people.

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom


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