Human Trafficking Survivorism 101

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3 min readJan 30, 2021

I’ve posted on this many times over the years, it’s kind of like a manifesto for many trafficking survivors particularly sexually based exploitation aka Sex Trafficking and really any Gender Based Sexually based Violence.

Number 1. Don’t get in our face any old way talking and acting reckless. You come up in our face wrong you may get knocked out cold and or for those of us with those type of actual legal, lawful, and legislative real connections thrown head first into prison, a facility, something because we come from survival of the fittest. Watch your tone, how you talk to, and handle us because chances are we can be a whole lot meaner but really just assertive than any minuscule snowflake in comparison problem that comes at us besides who in the hell acts foul towards a trafficking survivor anyway? Like what kind of subhuman beings do that to begin with? Apparently there’s a lot of them out there I’ve heard and seen the stories mine aside apparently it’s pretty common practice to treat survivors like sh__ by way of micro-scale underdeveloped beings. Just how thirsty, pathetic, and low do you have to be to actually want to do that anyway? Have some basic respect that healthy human beings do. However as one young Lady advocate I support stated “I was trafficked for 9 years I think I can handle being attacked online” or elsewhere for that matter.

2. Don’t try to lie, con, or play us. We survived the con artists of all con artists and concentration camp like conditions and treatments.. and that’s not being used as some whimsical metaphor that’s the reality of commercial exploitation. We don’t have a great deal of faith or belief in people for valid reasons anyway people pretty much have to almost prove themselves and worth as human beings to us for us to even deal with them in any way or earn our trust by any stretch basically not consistently being an a$$ to be blunt. Human Rights abuses such as trafficking are all defined by the use of Force, Fraud, and or Coercion to place us in that spot in the first place as stated in the TPVA Act of 2000 therefore we survived the substandard of humanity or lack thereof, we can typically gauge when someone is trying to pull one over on us.

As a staff member at Somaly Mam’s organization once said via the Half The Sky Miniseries, “Trafficking survivors it’s not easy to believe in people because they’ve been trafficked.”

I don’t think think it’s in this clip but you get the jest.

Half the Sky

Basically there are things and wounds that are sacred to those persons therefor ARE NOT even humanly decent to prod at, poke at, touch, mimic for attention, or anything else. It’s always important to know your place in life, learn your place, and stay in it basically meaning don’t try to be all obnoxious and what offenders perceive as cute for attention. I’ve actually had nut jobs out there try to take my real life story (which apparently is a common practice as other survivors have also encountered the same especially if they’re a known public figure against sex trafficking etc) and try to make it their own in and already warped dishonest, dramatic, offensive entirely appalling way. As if it were some exciting attention for self glamorous thing, let me tell you there is 0 anything glamorous or anything else of being exploited or abused in any way. It’s horrible and wouldn’t wish it on pretty much anyone because it entirely debases the prey’s humanity to nothing. Same with any sexual based violence really. That aside legally speaking believe it or not it is a form of copyright infringement to take someone else’s life story and attempt to make it your own therefore just don’t do it, it’s low, lack of character, stupid, and the epitome of ignorant. Live your own life not someone else’s. As these powerful young Women slammed via a student poetry slam and I’ve posted about before,

“ We can joke (talk) about it because it’s our to joke about similar to how our bruises are ours to poke at and yours to keep away from.” Rape Joke Poem

In short there’s just things in life that need to be left alone because aside from morally it’s not okay by any stretch but ethically and character wise as well. There’s just things to be stayed away from, don’t put your yap on or about, and simply respected. ::Shrugs::



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