Human Zoos

Just another piece of the dark history of colonization, westernization, superior beliefs, and eurocentricism. The creation of “Human Zoos.” Indigenous people in particular in parts of India and Africa are still undergoing this shameful phenomenon also known as “Human Safari” catering to tourists. Certainly all Indigenous people have been subjected to objectification even here in the west still. I can’t name 1 Pow Wow or even gathering at the Native Museum in DC I have been to where there hasn’t been at least 1 onlooker making a biting disrespectful comment, people being disrespectful to the grounds/people, or acting like the complete tourists they are thus forgoing all and any laws/rules pertaining to the environment they’re quintessentially a guest in. Therefore there are different degrees of Human Safari just some more disparaging than others.

Activism, Humanitarianism, The Arts, and Brutal Honesty