I May Destroy You- Ego Death

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“A criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.” Arabella I May Destroy You

The bravery of this episode the main protagonist had in approaching her attacker she spotted in the public space in which her rapist and their equally insidious accomplice attacked her was 🔥 🙌🏽👏🏽💯

Arabella: “You down for the alliance or what?”

Terry: “F yes.”

I loved the point of this quote , now that is everyone’s business when someone is legitimately sexually assaulted, abused, so on so forth. It’s wrong and should not go unpunished. Now the stark questions are presented in the finale “What should justice look like if law does nothing?” “How far is too far?” “Why do rapist rape?” “What’s their story if they have one at all?” In one portion of a twist of the episode I won’t reveal as Arabella is contemplating all of the outcomes of confronting her rapist — in her head apparently. Really fascinating introspective episode as she confronts the last of her demons in her healing process.

Personally I believe sexual offenders should have their @$$ kicked at least once, that’s the old way in many cultures especially tribal or nomadic because for one since when has outside law ever given a damn about us anyway? Not to mention Girls and Women of our nations and communities are sacred in most tribes and or at least some nomadic cultures. In several tribal nations of Indigenous communities IE Lakota if you abused a Child or Woman tribal members (Men especially) would shun, shame the abuser, drag their @$$, then throw them in the wilderness where they couldn’t harm anyone else away from the tribe.

A necessarily acute episode that I can’t say is for the faint of heart or survivors that might find themselves triggered. As justice is a whole other rightful objective — I will say this in the final installment of outcomes of Arabella’s “What ifs” the imaginary scenarios come to a close with the idea of what indeed is the best revenge for survivors of sexual violence. That is living our lives and moving forward into the lives and experiences we do want to have, into our dreams and hopes for the future. That is the best revenge.


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