Naming The Freddy Krueger

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Because when enough is more than enough the metaphoric yet real life Freddy Krueger needs to be called out and held responsible. When this first went viral I felt exactly what these fellow survivors were feeling. I commend them for their bravery and honesty. I myself have been in the fight for a long time, 10 years in fact of repeatedly having to say with legal law documented proof of a said perpetrator who has run to every industry and akin sleaze bag from here to wherever every time they are jeopardy of finally being held accountable in the long term by law in which they use said enablers as a crutch. I had so many come back with “But they’re this person” or “Know that person” meanwhile it got to a point it was like “B__, an Oakland judged of color couldn’t stand this twisted mutha, went off on them for 45 minutes in court and slapped a 3 year protective order against my perpetrator on my behalf even though even perjury wise on their part they should’ve been thrown in prison for that alone. However the thinking was the Judge just wanted to get them away from me and out of it. My attorney ,a Middle Eastern Man, also couldn’t stand the perp both especially AFTER reading the affidavit of what the said piece of garbage did to me, and not just me. There was at least 1 underaged Girl they did so too as well who did not come forward probably out of fear like so many. SO I can understand totally where these survivors of monsters are coming from. When violent monsters are granted accolades and media attention they didn’t deserve, even when the Grammys essentially blew me off with a court statement and On Point — NPR as well. I made contact several times openly and privately they didn’t even bother to respond. The reason I did so is because every time the slime bag is aware by way of stalking and monitoring me they were finally going to be investigated and hopefully put away the predator has a habit of running to their little Industry contacts like a child using them as some human shield that has nothing to do with anything thus as a sense of entitlement to continue to monitor, stalk, harass, taunt, commit email intrusion, even steal money from the bank and credit cards of myself and family which is provable, menace, and so on. Fast forward now we have MeToo, Times Up, and No More. Well now people have to hear it and can’t deny what’s in black and white on paper in a court of law and documented in law, not mumbles by no more than some raving lunatic people just give hand outs to in order to pacify them because those who do so are ignorant. I say this as of today after receiving more harassing phone calls from the perpetrator that had been reported countless times for the same activity but again they think they’re really “special” and entitled to do so because of any fools in the industry that grant them affiliation. So much so they refer to themselves as a “survivor” openly now.. as I’ve stated openly — of what!? Themselves!? So yes I commend and stand with any valid true fellow survivors of sexual violence of any kind who have no problem pointing it the metaphoric elephant in the room because sometimes you have to when people are either taking up for the abuser, taking their side, passive, let alone give them some handout to feed their sadistic sense of entitlement. I’ve been calling for my perpetrator to have their supposed Grammy wins in the Best Contemporary Blues category twice over that they did not earn reputable because well they’re not talented, cheap, and suck to be honest — taken away. They monster took much of my freedom, my rights, my right to earn wages, stole money, and dignity therefore I want everything.. what little they have — stripped from them as well because aside from perpetual violence and enablement continually committed nothing they’ve earned was granted honestly that much I know. Nothing of theirs ever has been. 🎤 🤜🏽 SO these fellow REAL survivors are an inspiration to me and I stand with them. I understand and can relate to their struggle. So yeah to that perpetrator, their flying monkey imps that have come at me over the years, supporters, “fans”, enablers, media and entertainment that supports them just a general F U.




Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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