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This was a empowering biopic in the early 1990’s about ,The Little Rock 9, titled, The Ernest Green Story. They were the first High school students integrated into white schools in the United States of America. The recount goes over the ordeal they went through in doing so in 1957 in Little Rock Arkansas. There was a portion from the biopic of one of the 9’s a then teen, Minnie Jean Brown, that from the day Brown entered the school there was a bigoted white female who taunted Minnie Jean constantly, even tried to get the then senior ,Ernest Green, expelled claiming he “Bumped into her many times” so much so she claimed she had to “Go home and burn her clothes.” This pathetic ignorant white female one day following Minnie Jean Brown leaving the principals office due to an incident involving throwing Chili on a white boy that kept sexually harassing her in the lunch line — thought it opportune time to begin taunting Minnie Jean again yelling “Well I hope they throw you out n__” needless to say the young Lady was done after nearly a whole school year of daily taunting as anyone would be, turning to face her tormentor Brown was quoted as stating the obvious of “Leave me alone you white trash” which keep in mind was considered an unthinkable insult for the time coming from not only a person of color but a Girl or Woman of color. Thus a slight verbal exchange ensued leading the principal to emerge from his office to see what the commotion was about. The pious white imp of a female horrified that how dare a person of color call her by her true name tell her exactly what she was said “Did you hear what she just called me?!” Needless to say Brown was expelled which was what the objective of the irrelevant taunter and harasser was from the beginning. Goal reached by her tormentor ,the girl was expelled but actually ended up going to a prestigious arts school in New York for people of color mainly. The moral of the story never allow anyone to push you into reaction they seek, those types push buttons for a reason to get attention and a reaction even if it’s one of disdain rightfully so. This behavior goes far beyond grade school, there are impish adults in age but not mentality beings that will do anything, say anything to get the individual they taunt to react and usually you’ll find their whole existence is entrenched in this same behavior and low grade ideology. Don’t give it to them, as the saying goes “Don’t feed the trolls” don’t feed anyone who taunts you because they love nothing more than a reaction they are not owed nor deserving of really. They are ignorant and cowardice. It’s a toddler level mentality. The more you say or do even if they asked for it the more they’ll continue to follow that thought process of bullying, taunting, manipulation, and honestly abusive behavior. Don’t give them a moment of your words, energy, or time just keep walking. Taunting, argumentative, provoking to get a rise out of others to them is a sport, that’s the only thing those kind have in life or ever will. That’s why you will often find they’re a real loser in life in general. That is the only way they get any attention or anyone to acknowledge them is by taunting others, they’ve never grown past the school bully that can’t cut it in real life to be blunt by their own decisions and actions. It is wise to never engage or allow them to control you by engaging them via taunting. They’re nothing to you so treat them like the nothing to you they are. As the Little Rock 9’s Preacher who prior to the school year prepared them for the backlash that would inevitably follow upon their integration stated,

“Show them that you are a quality human being and your adversary is not.”

In short always metaphorically punch up never down when dealing with a taunter who’s whole agenda is to provoke a reaction.




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