Low Quality Doesn’t Equate Means

Courtesy of- Bible Gateway

It is just a fact of life low quality people don’t like High Quality people. Low quality has nothing to do with means it has to do with mentality, there are millionaires and billionaires with a broke sorry low mindset. Too many in fact. Money doesn’t grant morality, quality, or anything else money in fact may just cater to the nature of the beast. It’s like I’ve said to people before when they say of some such Epstein kind “They have XYZ” my reply is “So what? Hitler had money that doesn’t mean he was a good person.” All major oppressors throughout history had means, money it doesn’t mean anything. Let us face it Male and sometimes Female sex traffickers wouldn’t get anywhere most often with those they prey on if they didn’t have something visibly or something else appealing to pull prey in with.

If you’re a terrible individual before money or already stemmed from money you will be an even more horrid person afterward unless God totally revolutionizes a person inside out. Therefore it is wise to never admire or go by what people have or anything of shallowness alone because that doesn’t account for anything as a person. It speaks nothing of a person. As musical artist ,Lil Mo, once put it “In this industry (entertainment, arts,etc) there are some good looking Men that are straight up demons and there are some beautiful Women who are so ugly on the inside.” As she said and is entirely right the devil doesn’t come to you with horns, a tail, and pitchfork. The devil and demonic always comes to you as an angel of light because what was Lucifer? He was once an angel who wanted to trump God until he was cast down into the lake of fire. What of all the true life stories that have been uncovered in movements such as MeToo, TimesUp, and so on revealed? The simple truth just because someone has means and the like doesn’t mean they’re a savory human being. That is why there is scripture about gauging someone by the fruits they bare that DOESN’T have to do with means, appearance, or anything else shallow based.




Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty.

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty.

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