Making Deals

I had posted about this years ago in relation to the dynamic of occurrences such as trafficking and exploitive situations however the whole premise of the “Little Mermaid” fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson is do not make deals with the devil whether metaphorical or literal because there’s always a price to pay for it that takes more than it’s fair share. I believe I delved into the whole idea of the manipulator deeming to take the voice of those they want to entrap not in the literal case usually but in the metaphoric - that they want everything to be beholden to the unscrupulous that a deal of some variation has been struck with. I believe I also presented an illustration from a published adaptation of the character of Ariel bleeding on a beach comparing it to the sacrifice for such nefarious deals that only leaves those who do so bleeding and broken. As I’ve written before oh the nefarious will “Help you” alright, right into destruction and give you a push off of a hypothetical cliff.

There was a 2016 indie film adaption that was quite a creative way of translating a Little Mermaid story into the experience of real life exploitation that occurs frequently to vulnerable typically young people that are lured into nefarious intents by promises of a different or better life only to be exploited for profit.

It doesn’t take long to have the epiphany of “I have made a big mistake” but by then it’s already too late to back out so easily.

Remember predators prey on the vulnerable no matter what that vulnerability is. If they think they can find a chink in a prey’s life or self they’ll fully employ that to their own advantage. Predators look for desperation of some kind to prey upon.

“If you want to cross a bridge my sweet you’ve got to pay the toll. Take a gulp, take a breath. Now I got her boys, the boss is on a roll this poor unfortunate soul.” Ursala excerpt from the Disney song “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”



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