Me VS Current Media Made Culture

… and d canoos in a nutshell

And always have been. There’s a reason the status quo and I don’t get along nor do I subscribe to it never have. Now not “Pushing the envelope” is pushing the envelope because having self respect and having any moral code these days is a revolutionary act in and of itself. Telling the truth these days is often misconstrued as hating. Hating is a whole other thing and it’s very clear. Honesty isn’t the same as hating there’s an obvious difference. Telling what it is isn’t hate, get past the egotism. Many in current pop culture especially are basically grown lost children, they’re not mature in their head most of the time and unfortunately too many in mainstream day to day society have followed suit. It began with the reality tv era people began to mimic what they saw on tv or read instead finding themselves, thinking for themselves, being, and valuing themselves as as an individual instead of the unrealistic superficial that won’t last anyway. Basically current pop culture is very immature and childishly based if you were to step back and look at it. The ideals, the way it’s presented, the lyrics or lack thereof everything it’s very dumbed down and degraded. It doesn’t relate nor a reflection of everyday people or life, emulators to some degree and hopefully they’ll grow up eventually to gauge what it is, but actuality no not at all. If people knew how fake and fleeting pop culture is they would never emulate it. It’s not really worth even striving for anymore. It’s all about attention seeking and putting out as much bells and whistles as can be because it’s not about talent, it’s not about art, it’s about clout. As said basically they’re just lost grown children looking for attention to fill some void they have in themselves. You watch how they compete with each other or even legendary people it’s nauseating. One big name is dropping an album.. if one wants to call it that? Those who can’t allow anyone else a moment oh well I’m dropping an album AND a hyped video series (that by the way has already been done before in the 80’s and 90’s.) One big name is sick? Another one comes out in the media the next day and is even more ill! Oh one got a brand new house or high end car that they will eventually go bankrupt doing on repeat? Guess what? The other buys an even more expensive car or house. You get the picture. Basically they have mental and emotional issues a lot of them. It’s a vicious cycle and viper pit that has nothing to do with art nor music. That’s why they’re so miserable and live in excess to avoid their problems. It’s all about status, money, and clout. It’s monkey see monkey do, there isn’t any originality it’s pretty much all the same or hand me down rip offs of the originators at most. To be totally honest it’s pretty boring and second rate to be blunt. We’ve heard it, we’ve seen it, move on let some real artists in the door and have a shot.

… and this is why the current status quo and people like myself don’t mesh because God forbid if anyone has a viewpoint not in favor of the status quo let alone willing to vocalize it. ::Shrugs::



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