Moving Parts

An in-depth look into the trade of sex trafficking through the experience of a Chinese Woman smuggled into Trinidad and Tobago under false pretenses only to fall prey to a trafficking ring in which she must pay off the insurmountable debt created by her captors. Albeit a fictional account in this film it is the true life story of countless Children, Women, and the vulnerable who become prey to the illicit industry every single day as human trafficking is the 3rd largest criminal enterprise. The statistics you will see are staggering. Even with awareness the last decade the numbers haven’t dropped they’ve unfortunately sky rocketed. A decade ago human trafficking was thought to gross around 45 Billion annually now the number is twice that at 150 Billion with sex trade accounting for 99 Billion of the roughly 150 Billion. Over 75% of those inflicted by the commercial exploitation industry of trafficking are sex trafficked and over half are children. Of that number inclusive of American children, children as young as 6 Boys especially are introduced to the sex trade to be bought and sold by grown Men anywhere from 10 to 20 or even 30 times a day. For American Girls the average age of entering “prostitution” aka the sex trade ranges from 11 years of age to 13 years of age. Roughly between 300,000 and some estimates show 600,000 American youths a year are bought and sold domestically by Pimps aka sex traffickers because that is what they indeed are.

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