My Second Spirit Animal

Bully: “I’ll be the victim.”

Wednesday: “All your life.”

Wednesday Addams. Beneath the somewhat gritty humor she was really one of the first Girl characters to be something other than a “Oh please save me” princess prototype OR the “Go in the kitchen and fix me a sandwich” type. She was candid, pragmatic, and at times savagely honest. She was really a revolutionary character…. All the attributes Girls and Women like me identified with and still do.

Yes in case nobody noticed I was the kid in school who was either trying to liberate everyone or start a revolution. This has lead to a lifetime of narcissists hating me because I tell them what no one else will and the bane of right wingers alike.

True story when I was a preteen I made an entire group of mean girl types run upstairs crying because of a ghost story I told… it wasn’t that serious though… they asked for it. lol

That’s probably why even still when I’m asked to be all overtly vivacious I’m like “Please God in heaven strike me down now” because I don’t do anything unless I’m feeling it, I don’t do dramatics I’ll just tell you. ::Shrugs::

Activism, Humanitarianism, The Arts, and Brutal Honesty