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U.S. Department of State

Never engage those who spout about “Sheeple”, “Illuminati”, conspiracy theories etc. If they have a resentment towards you for no logical reasoning and you’re Jewish, any other persecuted peoples or several — that’s probably why, they usually do see you as a problem because like most anti Semites they believe we control the world, the media, the banks, currency, or even the thoughts of others IE telepathy, etc etc. Much like the propaganda Hitler threw around about Jewish, Gypsies (Roma), or any akin “lives unworthy of life” it’s based on extreme fear, superstition, and ignorance. Sometimes they have something mentally wrong with them or theorists are on substances, they may have autistic like thought processes that haven’t received cognitive therapy for or sometimes they have just driven themselves mad by digging into conspiracy theories. I find the most hate comes from those who believe in these thought processes because essentially they don’t believe in our right to exist. They don’t like Jews, Romani, or really anyone they think is part of the Illumanti for that matter. Basically they’re toxic nuts that make everyone else’s life chaotic and toxic because they can’t get their head, heart, soul or anything else together by choice mostly. Therefore if someone like myself is catching hate, a sense of resentment, disdain, a sense of wanting to put someone like me “In my place” that is where the core lies when it comes to conspiracy theorist types. Much like hoteps for example towards Indigenous people they view people like mine as “Actors” who didn’t survive genocide and persecutions because in their misinformed opinion there wasn’t any, and see us as some grand scheming enemy over all the earth that needs to be dismantled... IE this is how hate crimes and genocides begin just to bring it into perspective. Basically lost people believing bigotedly rooted rhetoric because if they don’t have hateful motives to begin with they want to make the world something it isn’t, sometimes they’re just a psychopath that needs constant outside grandiose stimulation hence can’t live a healthy stable realistic life therefore there always has to be some upheaval or grandiose delusional dynamic to life that’s not stable.

United Nations

Therefore like any bigot they have to find someone or people to blame for their lack or disappointments in life and who better than a persecuted minority with a past of violence and atrocities against us?

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