Never Let A Man

There is this excellent Best Selling Author by the name of R.H. Sin. He gives terrific advice and moral points. I had restoried a couple of points he made on Instagram along with my thoughts at the top.

Courtesy of- R.H. Sin

Quite true. First of all if you have to scrap and battle like that over some male then right there something is wrong. If they constantly have you scrapping and vying they aren’t for you. I’m a “Have at it” kind of Warrior Woman I won’t play into that. I’m better than that. A real Man won’t put any Woman they really like, feeling, or anything else into that position or category. They won’t even facilitate it let alone play into that, they let females know no one can compare to the real Woman they like or that both parties are entirely off limits anything other than that is little boy/little girl game sh__ to be blunt that they’ve played probably thousands of times stringing females with Father Figure and warped perception of life and Men issues along as they rub sh__ in their face. If you want to attract better than be better demand better. For one in cases I’ve mainly encountered for one quit acting like brain dead idiots as a female matter of fact stop being a female. A female is only the level of a dog which many of those type of females refer to themselves as and behave like, anyone can be a female but not everyone can be a Woman. Being a Woman isn’t a birthright just as being a Man conversely isn’t a birthright it’s acquired through being a Man of quality and character with some morals. No Man that really is into you would even put a quality Woman in that position. That whole mentality is such a degraded desperate junior high ignorant mentality. A real Woman either walks away or doesn’t even allow themselves to be thrown into that just as a Real Man will never put you into that or allow that kind of behavior towards a real Woman. Period the end case closed.



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