Credit- Hate Speech Law by US Legal Group

I had posted this about a year ago around Genocide Remembrance Day the hashtag #NeverAgain was trending along with stories of survivors or their families of genocide throughout the globe. Oddly enough at the time I had begun seeing the most hateful posts against Christians, Catholics, Jews and so on despite the fact the week is among believers holiest of holy days thus my thoughts on it. The title was “How Hatred Begins.”

Hate Speech definition.

My whole question though is if people are going to spew venom about people of faith be we Jew, Protestant, or both why be on the Social Media of those who are, showing blatant no respect for our beliefs or holy days? There’s a saying when you become so preoccupied with those you view as an enemy or even obsessed with it you become the enemy. You become just as hateful as those you maybe trying to counter. Hitler thought he was in the right too. When you begin to group and generalize a people in a negative connotation it becomes hate speech. We have to remember you have to take individual people on a singular basis not an entire group of people because then you fall into a hateful category. Hatred like anything begins with thoughts, thoughts become language, language become actions, actions become fate or destiny. Look at the Rwandan genocide. It all began and was highly motivated by hate radio.. nothing more than verbal put downs of a generalized group to spark the murder of 1 million people, the holocaust all it took was the ravings of a bigoted mad individual to wipe out at least 17 million human beings. It is important to remember when you spew venom or mocks, humiliations against a people or person be it based on color, faith, creed, gender, your own personal biases, etc essentially this is what you are supporting. You are keeping hate going in the world and have become it.

Credit- MTV News Staff Via their MTV Think Initiative against animosity and bigotry.


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