New Era

Thank God. I’m one of those who is glad the nastiness is on its way out towards Women. We’ve been entering a new era that it’s not so great to paint Women especially Women of color in a disrespectful degraded light when more than not do not want to be viewed as that. As the former video vixens themselves spoke on it’s not a steady career path and people do stamp you for life as what is known as an “Industry th_t.” Most with any self respect do not want to be that or be a video girl any longer. Years ago it could be a stepping stone now it is not. Being a video vixen or rather most in the past 15 years are strippers “Instagram models” or escorts really isn’t worth it. Matter of fact it’s a great way NOT to have a career outside of that tramp stamp label. Being a video girl many years ago could have a certain value to it but now no because well for one the era of music video is dead. It’s always been a bad deal for the artists anyway being they pay for it out of their own pocket it has nothing to do with the record company or even music. As said video girls now are actually strippers or willing sex workers for the most part therefore nobody wants to be cast as a Video Girl anymore because of the connotation that goes with that title. Years ago if you got a bit part in a music video that was the thing but now a days it’s a very demeaned place to be.

Speaking of Instagram models this was a forthrightly done insightful stance on Instagram Models

As well as Bow wow once said. It’s very true because a lot of them are essentially escorts and sex workers in general. Not all but many they think it’s going to be a stepping stone but it’s not. It’s a label not a way up or out at all.