Few and Far Between Aid For Romani People

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2 min readApr 11, 2022


For those who did not watch the documentary called “Welcome Nowhere” in the last post speaking on the deplorable governmental and societal created conditions for Romani people throughout Europe it is located below.

Courtesy of- Free Movies

There was a featured ministry out of the few lifelines for the Romani people in the region known as New Life Ministries.


Courtesy of- New Life Church

There also stands the European Roma Rights Center and Romani Criss. These are the few and under reported organizations that are attempting to shift the inhumane conditions Romani people are subjected to particularly throughout the Eastern hemisphere of the global scale.


The inhuman behavior, policies, and conduct towards the Romani community has been absolutely criminal against human life. It must be condemned entirely as well as necessary aid granted to the severely disadvantaged and impoverished community. It is a sin the way the people have been mismanaged by the governments in which the people most reside. Shame and condemnation on the offending governments as well as lack of adequate leadership for the systematic oppression of the people to such abominable states of living. The people survived slavery and the Holocaust to find themselves in another ghetto and slum also bureaucratically created. It is righteously enraging the people survived mass persecution and the holocaust all to endure this?! It is not tolerable in any civil society.

Courtesy of- United Nations

Where is the outrage?



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