On One Hand

I’ve spoken of this to people before when in a space of fellow survivors especially of aforesaid violence — as violence can be much more than physical. It is any abuse that seeks to harm or impede the prey in some way. On one hand I’d welcome the idea of being in the same room as my court as well as law documented perpetrator that was basically allowed to walk fairly free with a slap on the wrist if that from court instead of being put away for good off the street as they should have been along with their imps just so I could tear them to shreds verbally. Just spineless cowards.

On the other hand which is why the attorney I had advised as to otherwise of my presence in court the initial go round which I wound up not present at — the power and control dynamic of that on the perpetrator’s side is it would make the sadistic narcopaths feel quite important to me they would probably (to be blunt) would get off on it because they’re depraved and disturbed clearly. They love this type of melodrama at others expense and creating chaos. They thrive on it and it’s momentary excitement because they are twisted psychologically. That has been what their drive has really been about, because I would not communicate with them and thus the judge slapped a restraining order on them for 3 years which did little good and only made it worse long term. When the restraining order lifted after 3 years time, hell practically broke loose even more than usual and it’s been that way ever since consistently. Of course it doesn’t help when aholes who are well aware of what they are they just disregard it as those in the entertainment industry kiss their obviously disturbed dumb a 24/7 supposedly which I seriously even doubt at this point as they have nothing to show for it when for one they are not even talented they are a joke and for 2 they’re a raving can’t put a coherent thought together lunatic same with their imps from hell I have had come at me repeatedly. Personally I wish all parties involved in it would go f themselves and go away somewhere from the public so they can’t do this to anyone else ever again. Hopefully God will deal with them because I really haven’t seen a whole lot of movement from law on it even with the history of the restraining order and all of the lawful reports. All I can figure is they have someone’s ear that is just as sadistic and sick as they are thus seemingly exonerating them from any accountability AND continues to have any sort of career when no one has knowledge of who they are supposedly or can even stand them even if they do unfortunately. Obviously someone feels sorry for them when they obviously shouldn’t. Their imps same dynamic but people quickly learn what kind of psychopaths they truly are and that they’re not all there. It is pretty obvious they’re disturbed, it’s pretty easy to pick up on that they have a screw loose about them clearly.

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

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