PI’s Violations of Human Rights

Having had several heated discussion around the issue of Private Investigators and the like let me explain to those who do not know. The PI business just like Citizen’s Arrest morons are essentially stalkers for higher. I compare them to terrorists because what does a terrorist do (of any variety?) They have a target list they’ve exchanged money for and they stalk that individual until they find them. They are entirely disreputable because essentially if you have the money they have the time. PI’s will do things like trespass and dig through the garbage cans of an elderly person related to or associated in some way to people they’ve been hired to essentially track (that is a personal account by the way from years ago along the usual oddities.) Most People of Color especially don’t trust law enforcement they’ve rarely if ever been our friend just as it’s unfortunate to say even in 2021 privileged white people and we damn sure trust PI’s even less. You go contacting or calling one of us we will tell you what you can do with it. When dealing with law in anyway make sure they have a legitimate ID, badge, good standing, or even uniform in some cases. People of color if we have any moral code we don’t believe in snitching like a 5 year old tattle tale rat anyway let alone to a rat for hire. Another is the notorious case of a California Woman who was murdered by her abusive psycho ex because some a$$hole PI came to the conclusion it was a great idea to work for a vengeful seeking perpetrator. Private Investigators such as with Citizen’s Arrest are entirely negligent if not corrupt, they most often make a mockery of the already laughable at times judicial system. They are legally beholden to no one therefore they can slink around and enact whatever they deem required with little to no chain of command reprimand for their actions. They’ll do whatever they have to do to gain access to a target they’ve been paid to stalk often way of some sob story. They have been the cause for many Human Right’s violations such as a Domestic Abuse survivor for example fleeing their abuser is now been found by the abuser thanks to PI’s thus leading to assault or murder of that survivor, same with legitimate stalking survivors, trafficking survivors, and so on. Like an officer Peebles Mcdonut mentality (not the ones who actually do their job right and justly) they are the very antithesis of what the justice system is supposed to be, they track and further menace targets of such abusers and criminals. When it comes to Peebles Mcdonut’s human rights defenders like those those I belong to do not play we will have your Badge, your Department, your Chief, and an investigation for corruption carried out if something foul has been going on. Same with wannabe attorney’s that violate the law twisting it for their advantage to FYI. We’ll have the unscrupulous attorney’s license revoked and everything else disbarred if not corruption charges put on the responsible party when applicable because when you have sworn to protect and serve it is entirely intolerable to violate and use the law to menace citizens. It does not place those above the law in any way, shape, nor form.

Besides, since when have abusers of any variation ever told the truth in anything? When it comes to PI’s you give such human rights violators some money and a sob story they could and do tell PI’s anything. They’ll lie their a$$’es off if it means getting to an end they want and hoping to come out squeaky clean while they do grimy to innocent people who generally are just trying to live their lives and totally evade them. Criminals that use services like PI’s are most often people chasers that those they’re hunting essentially are running away from obviously. In my vocations I’ve gone off on those type of seedy operations before like “They’re trying to get away from them you a$$ thank you for leading them straight to the ACTUAL victimized” type way.. people like myself are not nice about it and it is not something indeed to be tolerated not in any free society— because they are often responsible for the very injustice in this world upright law, activists, leaders, human rights defenders, and the like have been fighting against. If they want to go be Sherlock Holmes fine then apply themselves the right way and go hire on with a reputable government service they will have to answer to if they mess up thus making themselves reputable and useful not doing much more injustice than justice in this world. And don’t get me started on Citizen’s Arrest, I’m just going to say one name Zimmerman that’s the mindset and problem. Both those lines of functions..such as they are.. operate way too paradoxically if you will and raise way too many questions to be allowed in any semblance of a free world.


Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince