Poser Mentality

Posers all have the mentality they’re more than they are in actuality. They really think they’re something and one they’re not, they typify unhealthy delusional. They’re deluded entirely that’s why everything they put out they attempt to over blow and make it much bigger in some way than it actually is — meanwhile people who really are generally reputable don’t carry that toxic air and mindset they wouldn’t be successful if they did most of the time. That’s usually a con artist behavior or some vagrant that resides in their head only jeered on by those as toxic and deluded as they, doesn’t really have much of anything outside of that to back up what they act like they are. Their whole existence is an act and make believe. Actuality doesn’t fit the fantasy they place out. Nothing will waste everyone’s time and everything else than a con artist poser. I’ve had a great deal of experience having encountered posers and con artists especially when it comes to the arts and such. It’s like digging through a heap a lot of times between you and getting to where you wish to go. They pop up a great deal in and around the arts field, you have to be aware of people. They’re schemers in their own right that scheme people ... usually naive or dumb people to put it bluntly into believing they’re something they’re not. Again being a poser doesn’t pay off in the long run because people figure usually sooner than later upon things about them not adding up.

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