Price Is Too High To Stalk

😳 Ok I’m going to speak from the perspective of survivor of sexual violence, gender based violence and legitimate stalking survivor… I’ve had all kinds of things happen to me much like fellow survivors considered as family many of them had much more repetitive extreme sexual violence etc committed from the time they were small children and you won’t see us running around stalking people or bothering people. None I mean none of us would ever want to inflict any kind of abuse as described on anyone — the majority of survivors anyway quite the opposite. I would say that is something that may have been predisposed before any abuse occurred. Obviously sexual violence didn’t help their problem but I’m just saying. I feel empathy for what she went through but part of the therapy will eventually come to a place of “Hey I’m sorry for what you went through but that still doesn’t give you the right to stalk, harass and to do harm to anyone.” Stalking people for any reason is not worth wasting one’s life on, facing a restraining order, or even going to jail for if convicted. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Honing in that much on anyone and attempting to harm them is not healthy to say the very least. It’s plain and simple when someone has told you leave them alone point blank, leave them alone don’t keep bothering them. And that Boy sounds like he’s just as bad especially in essentially beating her up and then wasting the courts time to get a restraining by order like it’s some pawn. He isn’t doing himself any favors by doing the whole tug of war even with a restraining order in place. Point is you have to take personal responsibility eventually regardless of what has happened in your life. Contrary to popular belief most abuse survivors go out of the way NOT to enact any kind of abuse onto anyone, now self defense is a whole other scenario. When it comes to self defense just like anyone else there’s a right to defend ourselves by any means needed or necessary depended upon a situation but to just go out and act out no not at all for the most part anyway. You have to make a personal choice at some point.

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