I wish Medium entailed the option to place posts on private and only accounts that have been screened by Medium users could view them. Too many losers in internet land that create accounts or send accounts to lurk, monitor, and or harass in some cases. What makes it cyber stalking is when you’ve (as in me) have innumerable times blocked and said cease to the responsible party or parties openly even in many cases. I might get to a point I won’t even use it anymore as it’s too open to the public and not as popular as used to be apparent anyway. For people like us both in our vocations as well as the issues from psycho internet beings, first off we can’t be having that coming at us latching onto us like that plus we don’t post anything we’re not aware isn’t going to be lurked on or monitored by some nut or nuts on a keyboard Warrior anti hero power play. Types like that really don’t cease at anything as they’ll often Profess as much… often times by trying to flip it all around until they get the reputation they’re indeed the problem. They’re a lot like terrorists in that regard they think they own everything and everything is their business or their say when they don’t obviously and it’s not. Those kind have severe psychological and everything else issues obviously. Rest assured one of us are not the only ones they do that to. They also do so to a lot of other people or have because they have nothing in their lives for one obviously for the other that’s the only sense of power they have is trying to control other people when they have 0 say or jurisdiction in it. They watch people they hone in on like a vulture and or even try to insert themselves in the lives of the honed in on, and it’s freaky. I wrote this earlier but one of the reasons cyber harassers and cyber bullies do so is for one to attempt silencing their targets for another to push them offline because that is all they have in life, the internet. They see any internet presence as free for all access to that individual or individuals. They deem to harass people so much they just totally go offline and many people who encounter that do because it’s the internet it’s not part of real life thus if it’s causing such negative affects in our lives it’s really not even worth being on. It’s unfortunate but there’s a lot of warped beings out there that want to be numero uno in something as stupid and meaningless as the internet when they’re not even a numero to begin with. But then again the internet is their existence therefore that’s the idiocy on the internet you’re going to encounter. Nuts that take it way too seriously and make it something it’s not. 🤷🏽‍♀️ There’s a meme that goes like this:

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Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty. “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules.” Prince

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