Hate Attacks - The Epidemic of Inaction

Even though this was a few years ago it occurs all of the time to usually the most innocent people of color and often young people. What is even more despicable that no one ever steps up and says or does anything. We’ve witnessed it time and time again. Not one person ever steps in when a person of color is being accosted or even killed by a hateful white being. Then we wonder why there are riots and the like? It could have been stopped right away but because we live in a society of a bunch of gonadless cowards there you have it. Won’t call the cops for Brown and Black people to save their life, won’t intervene, won’t step in, won’t nothing for the Brown and Black victimized. They just stand there or witness it occur like a bunch of lawn ornaments.

Courtesy of- CBS Mornings

For any person of color who has dealt with any type of violence from white beings they’re all about like that. You can feel the vehement hatred and that undercurrent of they would fit well in Jim Crow south. The worst ones are the ones who think they’re liberal, the tokenizers those are the worst ones that think they’re so enlightened. Those are the most pervasive that awareness around their behavior and outlook is to be made aware of. It’s sad when videos of KIDS surface of intervening in bullying but never adults. Everyone stood around and allowed Derek Chavin to murder George Floyd. Not one did anything but a 17-year-old-girl recorded it. What the hell is warped about beings that they can’t get up off their a$$ and step in to tell perps to cease when a Brown or Black person is attacked?! SMH that’s the world we live in. Disgraceful.

Courtesy of- Trevor Noah

Humorous as is that’s why I’m pretty much done with a whole group of gonadless cowards that wouldn’t step in and say/do anything point blank upon witnessing Girl after Girl of Color attacked, harassed, lied about, threatened, stalked, etc etc seen openly on social media and tech. Knew it was going on. Didn’t do a damn thing in fact it looked like they were jeering it on and kiss 1 of the problem’s backside’s the other passive but that’s not uncommon same as when law has been called on the scene in life or death matters involving Brown and Black people, beings will take the side of the perps that were/are the aggressors. Won’t stand up for their own people to save their lives. Lack of gonad cowards, this is why violence occurs on us at such a rate because perps know they can get away with it.




Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty.

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Voicing Freedom

Voicing Freedom

Activism, Human Rights as you never heard them, Arts, Entertainment, and Brutal Honesty.

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